“Don’t DIS my Ability” NSW Ambassdor

“NSW Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador, artist Scott Trevelyan talks about his unique art studio situated in NSW Northern Rivers and the value of art in the healing process of people with acquired brain injury”

For those of you that haven’t been out to see ‘Willowbank Studio’ studio yet, here’s the ‘Don’t Dis My Ability’ youtube footage of the work that goes on here.

Here’s link to the FANTASTIC 2012 ‘Don’t Dis My Ability’ Campaign that I have been very fortunate, to have been selected, to act as ‘Ambassador’ for this year. Thanks to the ‘Don’t Dis’ crew in Sydney, who continue to do such a remarkable job!


“Don’t DIS my ABILITY celebrates the diversity and ability of people with disability, and it’s for everyone. Up to 100 events are held throughout November and December each year.

The 2012 United Nations theme is Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all.

Here’s a link to all the DON’T DIS MY ABILITY Ambassadors on Facebook!

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