Epicormia Collective

Epicormia Collective

The Epicormia Collective comprises six artists working in poetic ways directly or indirectly engaging with the botanical metaphor “epicormic”, i.e. adventitious growth after trauma.

The Re-authoring Impulse is the project we are working on now and it comprises both a museum-quality gallery installation and direct participation in a transmedia engagement development methodology via social media, public gallery and programs and the web site.


  • Definition: Epicormic – Growing from a dormant or adventitious bud.
  • Epicormic Etymology: Origin. Early 20th century: from epi- ‘upon’ + Greek kormos ‘tree trunk’.
  • Adventitious – happening as a result of an external factor or chance rather than design or inherent nature.
  • Epicormia is a play on the history of prescriptive and closed medical wording; this parodic term is nature-inspired, artist-devised and not psychotherapeutically-devised. Significantly Epicormia is poetic and open-ended in meaning, ambit and intentionality.


Epicormia – the Re-authoring Impulse is designed as;

  1. a socially and culturally diverse, inclusive, museum-quality exhibition arts creation project with high production values,
  2. as an “integrated” artist-run model for increasing and extending professional arts creation, networking and lo-fi sustainable development opportunities for artists.

Check out the website for more information HERE

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